Escort girls GFE what’s up ?

The Girlfriend Experience: beauty, intelligence, personality, class, availability ?

Joe is a very successful guy. He’s got a Masters in Finance and works for a major corporation in their investment division. He works crazy hours and is always travelling somewhere on the globe. Meeting with clients and company executives, even over dinner, but something is missing.

Joe craves to have time to sit at dinner and look over at a beautiful young woman. A woman who will listen to him talk about things that don’t involve work. A woman who is so stunning that she takes his mind off all the deadlines and quotas he has to deal with on a daily basis.

But Joe has no way of finding such a woman. He is so busy with work he never has time to go out to bars or clubs to find these types of women. So what does he do? He takes to the internet.

Joe goes on multiple websites looking for escorts. But he does not want the typical “wham-bam-thank you-ma’am” kind of hook ups; Joe wants the Girlfriend Experience (also known as GFE).

The Girlfriend Experience is where an escort gives her client the time and attention just like they were in a real relationship. Going out to dinner, plays, movies, and even great sex. GFE escorts may even accompany one on a business trip for companionship.

Finding young beautiful women for a GFE is not as easy as one would think. Joe has a tough time finding these women because most of these young girls don’t know anything about this. They are just college or local girls looking to make a little extra money for shopping or partying. They are not sophisticated or know about the lifestyle of a business executive. Most of their encounters only last for 30 minutes to an hour at most, in some motel room they’ve rented or in a car.

So what does Joe do? He does what any typical business professional would do. He begins a talent search and interview process, just like he was filling a position in his company. But what talents/experience does he look for?

• Beauty?
• Intelligence?
• Personality?
• Class?
• Availability?

He goes on these websites and looks at the pictures and sets up dates with the girls he finds physically attractive. These dates are not for sex, but to interview the potential job applicant. Joe thinks he can find a girl and ‘train’ her to be a GFE escort girls in Paris.

Out of all the girls Joe interviews, he finally finds ‘the one’. She is everything he wants in a woman. She is absolutely gorgeous. The kind of woman who demands attention every time she walks into a room. Joe’s escort is also very intelligent and has a great personality and quiet demeanor.

Her training begins. But there’s one problem. Joe never tells her she is being groomed to be his GFE escort. So each time he sees her, he is paying just like a regular client. But most of the time they don’t have sex. He takes her to different events and restaurants. But before going he has to take her shopping to buy proper clothes. He has to explain to her which eating utensil to use at these fancy restaurants.

This process goes on for several weeks until Joe finally realizes that this girl may never ‘get it’. She thinks that Joe is some weird old guy who likes to dress her up and take her to these strange places and events, but she goes along with it because he is paying for her time. Most of the time she is bored to death but never says anything or never complains. All she is thinking about is the money Joe is giving her.

Joe finally breaks down and tells the girl the truth. He admits that he has been taking her to all these things because he wanted her to be more than just a typical escort to him. He wants her to be his GFE escort.

Now this takes the girl by surprise, but she is not insulted, she finds the thought of this very interesting. She even goes so far as to ask Joe for more ‘training’.

After a while, she becomes a very good GFE escort. Accompanying Joe to many events both personal and professional. She even taught some of her other girlfriends about GFE escorting and Joe introduced some of his business buddies to it also.

So in the end, sometimes you can get what you wish for.